Body Lift Houston

Excess skin after weight loss can be a real detriment to your comfort and clothing choices as well as hinder your ability to exercise and keep off those pounds you worked so hard to lose. Procedures such as a belt lipectomy,thigh lift, or lower body lift not only removes extra skin, but elevates tissue from the thighs and buttock that have sagged after deflating from fat loss. Depending upon the procedure, the incisions follow around the lateral and posterior body, essentially extending a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty incision. This allows excision of the excess skin and access to the deeper supporting structures to allow suspension of the sagging tissue in a higher, more aesthetically pleasing position. The result is not only removal of excess skin, but a higher, shapelier buttock and thighs.

Houston Body Lift


Recovery can be significant depending upon the procedure performed, and overnight observation in the hospital is necessary to insure safety.