Interested in tone, fit abs and a better-looking lower body? Try a lower body lift to remove drooping skin and cellulite.

At the start of the lower body lift procedure, two long incisions are made below the bellybutton and above the groin; these span the circumference of the body. Excess abdominal fat and skin are excised, and abdominal muscles are tightened with sutures and brought closer together. The skin is repositioned on the muscle tissue.

Once you are on your side, your buttocks, hip, and thigh skin are also lifted and repositioned. To remove fatty tissue, the surgeon will often use liposuction.

The lower body lift procedure has made numerous patients’ lives easier and more comfortable, so contact our office for a consultation in Houston. Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Lee Steely is happy to answer any questions and help you zero in on the areas you want to get contoured. Call or email today.