During a mastopexy consultation, you’ll be able to discuss and plan numerous aspects of your breast lift procedure. One factor you’ll be considering is the location and pattern of your incisions.

An anchor incision is used during mastopexies that require a great deal of tissue removal; in other words, patients experiencing a high degree of breast sag will benefit most from this incision pattern.

The lollipop incision is used for breasts experiencing moderate sagging, and the donut incision is for breasts experiencing mild to moderate sagging.

The crescent incision, a smaller option placed at the top of the areola, is used for the least amount of tissue excision. Those looking to correct mildly sagging breasts will prefer this option.

For more on the mastopexy procedure, speak with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. R. Lee Steely. A consultation with Dr. Steely can be arranged by contacting our office.