Sometimes when you start to grow older, you feel isolated from the social gatherings and ceremonies. If the gatherings involve a higher number of young people, you would feel alone even when there are hundred people around you. If you had grown old a couple of decades back, you would have no other choice but to resign to your fate. Today, due to the advancement in dermatology, you can regain your youth within a few days.

Rhytidectomy is one such procedure, which is widely prescribed by dermatologists and opted by celebrities and movie stars. Let’s see what the procedure involves.

What is Rhytidectomy?

Rhytidectomy is a facelift procedure, which helps in reducing folds or sagging of the skin. It is performed mostly on jawline or cheeks and, in some cases, on the entire face to make a person look younger. The procedure involves pulling back a flap of the skin on both sides of the face and surgically treating the tissues below the skin to adjust the contour to a more youthful shape.


Once you decide to go with the procedure, you should comply with your doctor’s suggestions and follow them strictly. The procedure involves the following three steps.

  1. Before the Procedure – Before you are given an appointment for the surgery, a couple of tests would be conducted, and your face is examined to study your features. Your doctor may also ask you to stop taking certain medications two weeks prior to the surgery. Just minutes before the surgery, you would be given local or general anesthesia depending upon the type of the surgery.
  2. During the Procedure – Most times, a traditional facelift incision method is employed during the surgery. In this procedure, the incision begins at the temples, circles around the front portion of your ears, and usually culminates on the backside of the ears.
  3. After the Procedure – The procedure takes anywhere between two to four hours, depending upon the complexity of the surgery. A small tube might be placed behind the ears to drain the excess fluid or blood. You might be asked to sleep with your head elevated, apply ice packs, and take the medication.


The results start showing within days, and with ample care, they might last for ten years.