MemoryShape® Implants Houston

After almost a decade of testing, silicone MemoryShape® implants were FDA approved in 2013 and offer patients another option for their breast augmentation. These shaped, or anatomical, breast implants have a decreased risk for capsular contracture according to multicenter clinical studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are MemoryShape® implants different from traditional round silicone gel implants?
In addition to a teardrop shape, the MemoryShape® implants are made of a highly cohesive silicone gel that provides a youthful firm feel. This higher cohesive silicone gel is important to the MemoryShape® implants to maintain the anatomical, or teardrop, shape.

What is the benefit to a teardrop shaped implant?
Natural breasts generally have more fullness at the bottom than the top. The MemoryShape® implant is designed to mimic natural breasts to provide a natural looking result.

It is important to note that a natural result can still be obtained with a round silicone implant by a surgeon who takes time and careful consideration in evaluating and recommending an appropriate implant size and profile.

I have read that anatomical implants can shift causing an unpleasant result or misshapen breasts. Can this happen with the MemoryShape® implants?
The MemoryShape® implants have a textured surface specifically designed to help keep them in place.

Additionally, Dr. Steely obtained training and certification from Mentor®, the implant manufacturer, in proper surgical technique for the MemoryShape® implants.

Are MemoryShape® implants right for me?
MemoryShape® implants are ideal for patients who wish to achieve a natural, more youthful looking appearance in their breasts without too much upper pole fullness. Also, patients who currently have round saline or silicone gel implants and are unhappy with the overall roundness of their breast shape may be good candidates to switch to MemoryShape® implants.

Through consultation and evaluation with Dr. Steely, we can provide a recommendation that best suits your body and the overall look you wish to achieve.

Dr. Steely will perform your MemoryShape® Implants surgery in his surgery center in Houston, TX