Types of Silicone Implants in Houston, TX

Recently, a new type of silicone implant has become available to patients in the United States.

What are your silicone breast implant options?


  • Cohesive silicone gel
  • FDA approved in 2006 without restrictions
  • Previously available for reconstruction patients and participants in adjunct studies
  • Most commonly used silicone gel implants
  • Gives the best combination of feel, look and fullness in upper pole of breasts
  • Multiple profiles available through each implant manufacturer
    • Mentor MemoryGel (moderate, moderate plus, high, ultra high)
    • Natrelle Silicone-Filled (Style 10-moderate, Style 15-midrange, Style 20-high, Style 40-moderate, Style 45-full)
    • Sientra (moderate, high)



  • Highly cohesive gel
  • FDA approved in 2012 (Sientra) and 2013 (Natrelle, Mentor)
  • “Teardrop” or “Anatomical” shape
  • Thicker textured shell
  • Has a firmer feel
  • Multiple profiles/shapes available through each implant manufacturer
    • Mentor MemoryShape (Medium Height, Moderate Profile)
    • Natrelle 410 (Full height/Moderate projection, Full height/Full projection, Moderate height/Moderate projection, Moderate height/Full projection)
    • Sientra (Round Base/High Projection, Oval Base/Low Projection, Oval Base Moderate Projection, Oval Base/High Projection, Classic Base, Moderate Projection)


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MemoryShape® Implants

After almost a decade of testing, silicone MemoryShape® implants were FDA approved in 2013 and offer patients another option for their breast augmentation. These shaped, or anatomical, breast implants have a decreased risk for capsular contracture according to multicenter clinical studies.

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