Why Dr. Robert Steely?

Welcome to the website of Dr. R. Lee Steely, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Houston whose practice is dedicated to cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body. Dr. Steely and his staff are committed to the THREE “S’s” of a successful cosmetic surgery experience.


Dr. Steely and his staff place patient safety as the prime priority in their work. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is an elective luxurious treat, and safety should be the primary force governing all decisions both surgical and nonsurgical.


Dr. Steely and his staff at Steely Plastic Surgery are dedicated to delivering the highest possible level of service while under our care. We take pride in delivering one of the highest levels of patient care and service in the country. From initial consultation through your surgery and recovery period, Dr. Steely himself, and not an ancillary staff, is your primary caregiver.


Again, cosmetic surgery is a luxurious treat for yourself, and satisfaction is a must. Dr. Steely and his staff strive to deliver the highest of patient satisfaction possible. Our greatest reward is a happy, thankful patient who is thrilled with their results and feels like their procedure was not only the right decision, but one of the best decisions they have ever made.