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What We Offer

Facial rejuvenation procedures encompass both surgical and non surgical treatment options. In Houston, Texas Dr. R. Lee Steely of Steely Plastic Surgery incorporates both types of treatment in formulating a comprehensive plan to have you looking your best.

Options for facial rejuvenation are vast, but all are moving toward a common goal- giving you a fresher, relaxed, more youthful, more proportionate look by adding or subtracting volume, elevating volume that has fallen, and softening or eliminating lines associated with an aged, tired look. Houston plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon Dr. R. Lee Steely is an expert in choosing what modalities and in what combination are to be used to give you the best possible results.

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation are sometimes called a Chemical Facelift because they involve minor injections performed under local anesthesia in the physician’s office with little or no downtime.  There are no knives or sutures in a chemical facelift, and Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. R. Lee Steely is an expert at administering these agents. These nonsurgical options are all working toward restoring or enhancing the volume in your face, or softening or eliminating facial lines associated with aging. Options include Botox Cosmetic to help soften or eliminate the lines of facial expression, and a wide variety of fillers including Juvederm and Artefill that augment volume that is needed or replace facial volume that has been lost.

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Surgical Facial Rejuvenation and Facelifting

There are wide variety of surgical options for facial rejuvenation. These can include rhytidectomy or face-lifting procedures that address excess skin as well as fatty tissue under the skin that has fallen with age giving a tired, haggard look. These are frequently performed with a neck lift or platysmaplasty as well as a brow lift or forehead lift to keep the facial features in a harmonious balance.

A person’s eyes are the most important characteristic we look at to determine a patient’s age and vitality. A person with stigmata of facial aging in their jowls and neck can still look surprisingly youthful and alert with tighter lids free of excess skin or fat. Eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty is a procedure almost always performed with any surgical facial rejuvenation to eliminate bagginess under the eyes or excess tissue on the upper lids. The result is a more awake, rested, engaged appearance. These eye lid procedures are frequently accompanied with brow lift or forehead lift surgery to further widen the eye, give better shape to the brow, and lend a more rested more approachable appearance.

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