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Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steely performs eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) total upper face rejuvenation. Eyelid surgery removes fat and excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids to give a rested, more awake and youthful look. The forehead lift or brow lift also creates a more youthful, refreshed look but above the eyes; the procedure involves lifting drooping eyebrows and lessening the creases and furrows of the brow and between the eyes (the frown lines). Each procedure can be done alone or in combination with a midface lift or face lift for total face rejuvenation.

Houston Eye Lift

Why Eye Lift Surgery?

With Eyelid Lift Surgery:

  • You can correct droopy upper lids and puffy bags under your eyes that make you look older and more tired than you feel.
  • If your eyelids are interfering with your vision, eyelid surgery may make a difference.
  • Although most patients are 35 or older, if droopy, baggy eyelids run in your family, you may opt to have eyelid surgery at a younger age.


Your Eye Lift Surgery Consultation

For eyelid surgery, Dr. Steely will discuss your goals and evaluate your face, your skin and underlying bone structure. He will review your complete medical including any previous facial surgeries. He will need to know if you have any allergies; if you’re taking any vitamins, medications, or other drugs; and if you smoke.

For Eyelid Lift Surgery candidates, Dr. Steely will:

  • Ask you to provide any relevant information from your ophthalmologist or the record of your most recent eye exam. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please bring them along.
  • Discuss surgery options, such whether the procedure be performed on all four eyelids or just the upper or lower eyelids, whether skin as well as fat may be removed, and whether any additional procedures are appropriate.

*Many patients who think they need an eyelid lift really need a brow lift. Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. R. Lee Steely is an expert in defining which procedures would be right for you.*

Preparing for your Eyelid Lift Surgery

Dr. Steely and his staff will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery, including guidelines on eating and drinking, smoking, and taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications. Carefully following these instructions will help your surgery go more smoothly.

While you’re making preparations, be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery, and to help you out for a few days if needed.

Simply the BEST!!!

5 5 Star Rating
Written on June 1, 2015

I had been considering eyelid surgery and some form of a face lift for a few years so in December I decided to schedule consultations. As many people are, I was somewhat uncomfortable about going to a plastic surgeon. Two of the Doctors I visited were arrogant, rude and onlyquote6 had a “cookie cutter” approach to surgery. Dr Steely was totally opposite. He actually listened to what I wanted and treated me like a real person. He used a problem solving approach to tailor the surgery to my needs. His follow up to surgery and genuine caring attitude were wonderful. Dr. Steely personally called to check on me the night of the surgery and had me return to his office multiple times so he could monitor my progress. His receptionist was friendly, always treated me with respect and never made me wait. I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery and would highly recommend Dr. Steely to my best friend! He is wonderful!*


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Your Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic surgery of the eyelids varies widely from a simple excision of skin to more complex repositioning of the lids and underlying tissues. In many patients, a simple skin excision can give the patient a rested, more awake look with a minimum of downtime.

More complex eyelid surgery usually takes up to three hours, depending on the extent of the surgery. Typically, Dr. Steely makes incisions following the natural lines of your eyelids: in the creases of your upper lids, and just below the lashes in the lower lids. He may extend the incisions into the crow’s feet or laugh lines at the outer corners of your eyes. Working through these incisions, he separates the skin from underlying fatty tissue and muscle, removes excess fat, and often trims sagging skin and muscle. He closes the incisions with very fine sutures.

If you have a pocket of fat beneath your lower eyelids but don’t need any skin removed, Dr. Steely may perform a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. In this procedure, he makes the incision inside your lower eyelid, leaving no visible scar. It is usually performed on younger patients with thicker, more elastic skin. Dr Steely may incorporate a chemical peel or laser treatment to the skin of your eyelids at the same time to soften or eliminate fine lines or sun damage.

After your Eyelid Surgery and/or Brow Lift

After Eyelid Surgery:
The minor complications that occasionally follow eyelid surgery may include:

  • Blurred vision for a few days.
  • Temporary swelling at the corner of the eyelids.


Upper Face Rejuvenation FAQ

What Facility Does Dr. Steely Use to Perform my Upper Face Rejuvenation?
Depending on the procedure performed, Dr Steely is able to perform these procedures in his fully accredited in-office OR suite, or in an outpatient hospital facility.

Do I Have to go to “Sleep” with Eyelid Surgery?
Depending upon the procedure performed, many upper face rejuvenation procedures can be performed under local anesthesia. Other upper face procedures require a sedation by an anesthesiologist.

I Have had LASIK Surgery- Can I Still Have Eyelid Surgery?
After the initial healing phase of LASIK surgery, there is no reason why blepharoplasty and/or brow lift cannot be performed.

Can I wear Contact Lens After Blepharoplasty Surgery?
In the initial healing phase, a small amount of swelling of the globe of your eye will likely make your contact lenses not fit well. This tends to resolve over a few days.

When Can I go Back to Work After an Eyelid Lift Surgery?
Discomfort is minimal after brow lift and eyelid lift surgery, but swelling and bruising can be variable. Men tend to swell and bruise more than women. While there is no medical reason why you cannot return to a desk type job after just a day or two, your comfort with seeing coworkers with bruising, swelling, and other stigmata of recent surgery will decide when you can return.

How Much Does an Eye Lid Lift or Brow Lift Cost?
Costs vary widely depending upon the procedure performed, facility used, and type of anesthesia used, but prices for eye lift or blepharoplasty surgery can begin as low as $2,800 dollars.

Where Can I Learn More About Eyelid or Brow Lift Surgery?
The best site for a more in depth discussion is the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons


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