Plastic Surgery Revision Houston

Plastic surgery is commonly referred to as the combination of art and science. It takes a skilled surgeon to perform plastic surgery and providing results that leave patients not only satisfied, but in love with their results.
Unfortunately, through a quick search on the Internet it is easy to find pictures of poorly performed plastic surgery with unsightly results. These results may be due to an untrained surgeon (visit to verify that your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon), A surgeon that does not speicalize in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body, or simply poor healing for a variety of reasons out of the surgeons control.

Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr Lee Steely of Steely Plastic Surgery has performed revision plastic surgery on many patients who had their original procedures by different surgeons. Dr Steely uses a variety of techniques both cutting edge as well as tried and true methods to get you the look you were trying to get the first time- if not better. Below are a few examples illustrating what Dr Steely can do with a suboptimal result transformed into a great result.

Example One

This young woman was several years out after her breast augmentation in Houston from another surgeon. She was unhappy with her shape as well as her size and requested revsional surgery. Her results seen below are 10 weeks after replacement of her saline breast implants with silicone breast implants and revising her implant pocket- she is much happier about how her she looks both in and out of clothes.

before breast implant revision surgery
Before revisonal breast implant surgery
After revisional breast implant surgery
After her revisional breast implant surgery by Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lee Steely of Steely Plastic Surgery

Example Two

This woman had surgery several years in the past by another surgeon and was very unhappy with the size and shape of her breasts. She wished them to be smaller, but also to have improved cleavage as well as a more natural shape. We placed a slightly smaller implant but of wider dimension (a lower profile breast implant), revisied her breast implant pocket and performed some of Dr Steely’s special techniques to keep her implants from sliding too far laterally when she lays flat. She is overjoyed with her result.

before breast implant revision with capsulorraphy

Before Breast Implant Revision

After breast implant revision and capsulorraphy

Eight Weeks after breast implant revision and capsulorraphy by Dr Lee Steely of Steely Plastic Surgery

Example Three

This young woman had given up on trying to find a surgeon who could help her with her misshapen breasts after two unsuccesful attempts at revisons by other surgeons. After almost giving up hope, she found Houston plastic surgeon Dr Lee Steely who was able to give her the shape she desired.

before breast revision with lift

Before her breast implant revision

After breast implant revision with lift

After her breast implant revision with lifting by Houston plastic surgeon Dr Lee Steely of Steely Plastic Surgery

Example Four

This woman had a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and liposuction by another surgeon several years in the past and just always assumed that this was “as good as it was going to get”. After consultation with Houston plastic surgeon Dr Lee Steely, he performed a revision of her abdominoplasty and liposuction that transformed her self image and made her feel good about wearing a two piece swimsuit for the first time in years.

Before tummy tuck revision

Before Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) revision

After Tummy Tuck Revsion

After her tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) revision by Houston Texas Plastic Surgeon Dr Lee Steely of Steely Plastic Surgery

Example Five

This woman had a face lift about two years in the past by another surgeon and was unhappy with the persistant jowling and lack of definintion of her jawline. After consultation with Dr Steely we elected to revise the upper part of her face lift to help refine and enhance her jawline.

Before facelift revision

Before face lift revision

After facelift revision surgery

After face lift revision surgery by Houston plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Lee Steely of Steely Plastic Surgery

Example Six

Three months after implant revision in this 57 year old with a 15 year history of breast implants. She is thrilled with the improved shape and upper pole fullness as well as the symmetry.



Example Seven

Three months after breast implant revision. We elected not to use the periareolar incisions created by her previous surgeon.



Example Eight

Three months after correction of another surgeons breast augmentation surgery.



Dr Steely and his staff at Steely Plastic Surgery in Houston take great interest in revisonal plastic surgery – we want to turn a diappointing plastic surgery experience into a fulfilling one and give you the results you expect. Come visit us in Houston – begin by calling 713-622-6500 or by EMAIL