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There are no words to describe the joys of motherhood. While you are busy being Super Mom, your body may pay the price. Pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body, especially if you’ve had more than one child. With an “I Can’t Believe You’re a Mom!” MAKEOVER™, Dr. Steely combines multiple procedures into one mommy makeover operation to reverse the impact that pregnancy has on the breasts and abdomen. With a customized makeover by Dr. Steely, you won’t just feel like Super Mom, you’ll look like Super Mom.

Although many of the changes associated with pregnancy are positive, its impact on a woman’s body often is not. Some common after-effects are breasts that lose volume and perkiness, abdominal skin and muscles that become lax and lead to fullness in the lower abdomen, increased body fat, and changes in fat distribution that affect overall body shape. Dr. Steely is a leader in restoration and enhancement of the post-pregnancy body, and he and his staff specialize in helping women who desire change after pregnancy. Dr. Steely offers a wide array of treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical, to restore and enhance your silhouette and help you look and feel your very best.

Why You May Want a Mommy Makeover


After pregnancy, many women have excess abdominal skin and a lax abdominal wall and muscles. Although regular exercise can help to firm up those muscles, once these muscles have separated, the only way to bring the separated muscles back together is through a surgical procedure.


The breasts are another part of the body that is greatly affected by pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is common for the breasts to swell, stretching the skin and nipples. After pregnancy and even breast feeding, the size of the breast may shrink leaving excess, loose skin. There are a wide variety of procedures than can be used to correct the changes to the breast.

In addition to the breasts and abdomen, pregnancy sometimes leaves unwanted fat around the tummy, hips, thighs, and arms. Liposuction can be used to remove these fat deposits when diet and exercise won’t.


Procedures for a Mommy Makeover in Houston


In your initial consultation with Dr. Steely, an extensive interview process coupled with a physical examination will be performed. Dr. Steely will determine which combination of procedures will give you the desired results you are looking for.

For The Abdominal Area

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure can be used to remove excess skin and fat, tighten the muscles and narrow the waist line. Depending on the degree of muscle separation and the amount of excess skin and fat, Dr. Steely will determine if a partial or complete tummy tuck is the best option. During this part of the procedure, the muscles are brought back to the midline of your abdomen, the skin is then stretched downward towards the pubic area and extra skin is removed. You navel is brought out in its new, esthetically pleasing position, all incisions will be closed and dressings applied. Dr. Steely will give you specific instructions on the recovery process.

For the Breasts

Dr. Steely will recommend to you if a breast augmentation or a breast lift will be the best alternative for your desired appearance goals.

  • For a Breast Augmentation or Enhancement

To increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts, Dr. Steely can use a variety of breast implant shapes, sizes, and surface textures. Based on your desired results, Dr. Steely will choose which implant to use and the location for it to be placed.

  • Breast Lift without Implants

If you already have sufficient breast tissue and are not necessarily looking to increase your breast size, Dr. Steely can raise the position of your breasts to your chest wall, creating an naturally augmented breast and increasing cleavage, giving you a perkier, more athletic look.

  • Breast Lift with Implants

If you do not have sufficient breast tissue and want to increase or even maintain your breast size, a breast lift can be performed with the addition of breast implants. Breast implants help in both shaping the breast as well as maintaining volume over the long term in breast lift surgery.   Depending on your body type, anatomy, and body shape, Dr. Steely will determine an appropriate size and shape implant that will be best suited for helping you reach your desired look.

For Unwanted Fat

For areas such as the hips, thighs, abdomen, and arms where unwanted fat often gathers, Dr. Steely can treat these areas using a Vaser Liposuction treatment or Traditional Liposuction. A tube will be inserted to the area to be treated and fat cells are gently removed. Depending on the part of the body requiring liposuction, Dr. Steely will use the method best suited for you.

Multiple Procedures, One Mommy Makeover Operation

One of the main benefits to a “I Can’t Believe You’re a Mom!” MAKEOVER™ is that all of your procedures may be performed in one operation. Following Dr. Steely’s specific recommendations after your operation will help to decrease scarring and bruising. Dr. Steely may also recommend a series of post operative Endermologie treatments to help speed along your recovery process. Since you’ll have only one healing period, you’ll be an up and running Super Mom in no time!

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Dr. Steely will perform your Mommy Makeover surgery in his surgery center in Houston, TX