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Botox® Cosmetic is a very popular in-office procedure to smooth out facial wrinkles, forehead creases, frown lines between the eyes, and crow’s feet.

Botox® Cosmetic works by inactivating hyperactive facial muscles around the eyes and lower forehead that may give a person an angry, tired, or displeased appearance – even when they are not experiencing that emotion. As the muscles are made inactive, longstanding skin creases will soften and may eventually disappear. The result is a softer, more relaxed, and pleasant appearance.

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Dr. Robert Steely specializes in cosmetic treatments and therapies and strives to deliver world-class Botox injections treatments in Houston, TX. Dr. Robert Steely can provide you with a beautiful and natural-looking appearance.

About Botox® Cosmetic

Botulinum A. Toxin (Botox® Cosmetic) is a medical protein derived from the C. Botuluinum bacteria under special laboratory conditions. When Botox® Cosmetic is injected into a muscle, it causes temporary (several months) paralysis of that muscle. It has been safely used for many years in the treatment of eyelid spasm, eye muscle spasm (which has causes crossed eyes), correction of facial muscle imbalance, and neck muscle spasm. In addition, the FDA has approved Botox® Cosmetic to be used for correction of wrinkles in the face.

The Botox® Cosmetic Procedure

The Botox® Cosmetic procedure takes about 10 minutes. Using a surgical marker, Dr. Steely will mark the active muscle areas on your face that you and he have agreed to inactivate. He will carefully inject the medication into the necessary areas using a superfine needle.

To decrease any discomfort, Dr. Steely will use a little ice if necessary and gently pinch the injection site. After making multiple injections, he will apply pressure and massage the area lightly to decrease bruising.

After Your Botox® COSMETIC Injections

After your Botox® Cosmetic injections:

  • You may return to work immediately.
  • You should avoid exercise or massaging the area for 24 hours to limit any possible spreading of the medicine.
  • We also ask that you try to minimize any facial expressions for the first 24 hours to keep the medication localized in the muscle.
  • The effects may take several days to develop.
  • Once the muscle function is impaired, the results will last 3 to 5 months.
  • In rare cases the initial therapy will not be totally effective and the treatment may need to be performed again.
  • You require less frequent injections over time as the muscles “retrain” or weaken from disuse.

Possible Temporary Botox® Cosmetic Side Effects

Botox Cosmetic

The risk of side effects associated with Botox® Cosmetic injections is low, and those that do occur are minor and temporary. As with any medical procedure, it is important to be aware of the possibilities.

  • Mild swelling at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Localized numbness
  • Bruising
  • Rash
  • Temporary loss of function of a nearby muscle (e.g. drooping lid)


Botox® Cosmetic FAQ

Who will Perform my Botox® Cosmetic Injections Procedure?
Dr. Steely will administer your Botox® Cosmetic injections. In contrast to many other offices and salons that offer Botox® Cosmetic and allow ancillary medical staff or even non-medically trained staff to administer the medication, Dr. Steely and only Dr. Steely will perform the procedure.

How Much Does Botox® Cosmetic Cost?
Dr. Steely charges for Botox by the unit injected. A unit is a measurement like an inch or a teaspoon:

  • The current charge is $14 dollars per unit injected, with a twenty unit minimum; the number of units needed depends upon the site being treated.
  • The deep lines between the eyes that cause a tired, angry look take about 20 – 25 units.
  • The treatment of the fine lines around the eyes takes about 25 units for both eyes.
  • The treatment of lines in your forehead or brow takes about 25 units as well.

Remember that these numbers are estimates based on Dr. Steely’s experience with other patients, and your needs may vary; these numbers should be considered the minimum needed.

Why is Botox® Cosmetic Less Expensive at Other Places?
Botox® Cosmetic comes from the manufacturer in a powdered form. It is subsequently diluted by the provider with saline to allow for injection. In an effort to save money, many providers dilute the medication far beyond the recommended dilution; this means that you receive much less of the drug, causing a decrease in both the intensity of the effect as well as the length of time it remains effective.

I Have Had Botox® Cosmetic at Another Facility and It Did Not Work- I Do Not Think Botox® Works On Me.
Botox® Cosmetic has been extremely effective on almost all patients. If you did not get any results from your injections, the provider was most likely using Botox® that was old or too diluted. Dr. Steely prides himself on using only freshly reconstituted Botox® at a dilution that is the most effective.

Where Can I Learn More about Botox Cosmetic?
The Botox website by Allergan has a wealth of additional information.

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