After you’ve had a baby, feeling confident in a bikini can seem like an impossible dream. Don’t deprive the beach of a sexy beach body – get a mommy makeover with a mini tummy tuck. Combining several different surgical procedures, mommy makeovers are a godsend for that post-baby body.

A mini tummy tuck starts with anesthesia, followed by a much-smaller incision than a full tummy tuck. Because of the incision size, partial abdominoplasties are often called scar-less surgeries. There will be a scar, however, just not a large and noticeable one. The incision is placed on the bikini line area, followed by a recontouring of muscle and skin tissues.

Once the mini tummy tuck is complete and the healing process is done, you’ll get to enjoy your new, sexy beach body! To learn more about mommy makeovers, discuss them with Dr. R. Lee Steely, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston. Contact our office for an appointment.