A crescent lift is a type of breast lift characterized by the shape of the incision made during the procedure. It’s best for smaller changes to the breast tissue, and with smaller breasts, it can make a real difference, adding firmness and volume.

After a crescent lift, you are left with a small scar on the upper border of your areola. This scar is much smaller than any created by the other types of breast lift. Because it’s on the border of the areola, the scar also will be more hidden than any non-areola-adjacent scars would be. Thus, if you are worried about scars, this may be your best surgical breast lift option.

Surgery is a serious decision and generally not the easiest choice to make, so before you decide, weigh the pros and cons with a plastic surgeon like Dr. R. Lee Steely. Dr. Steely is a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience, so set up an appointment with our office today!