If you want a great-looking butt and also need to lose some flab, a Brazilian butt lift will be the perfect procedure for you. Brazilian butt lifts involve fat transfer, a technique where the live fat cells are suctioned out and reinjected into the buttocks.

The effects of a Brazilian butt lift are often permanent, depending on the skill and care of the surgeon. The more fat cells that successfully connect to the blood supply and survive the fat transfer, the better. Dead cells will merely absorb into the blood stream. Unlike certain other plastic surgery procedures, weight loss or gain should not impact the results of this lift.

Choose the right plastic surgeon for your gluteal enhancement procedure, one who will take care to keep your fat cells healthy during and after the fat transfer. Dr. R. Lee Steely is a skilled plastic surgeon with years of experience and is available to perform your Brazilian butt lift. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Steely, contact us today.