Considering brachioplasty to get rid of “bat wings,” those embarrassing and frustrating folds of hanging skin and fat on the upper arms? This surgery is ideal for removing this unfortunate side effect of weight loss and the aging process.

To take the fat cells out of “bat wings,” a plastic surgeon will use liposuction, inserting a cannula into the area and employing medical suction. When the patient does not have a great deal of hanging skin, only an excess of fat cells, liposuction may be all that is needed during the brachioplasty procedure.

During a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. R. Lee Steely, your arms will be evaluated in order to aid in planning out the brachioplasty operation. You’ll also be able to ask questions and learn more about recovery and other considerations that come along with brachioplasty. To set up your consultation, contact us.