Unwanted hairs on your face and body can be embarrassing. Prickly, coarse, and obvious, these little hairs are a big nightmare when beach season’s in full swing. Come in for a laser depilation treatment to put these hairs out of your life!

The targeted area should be shaved before the first laser depilation treatment. During the treatment, your follicles will be affected by laser energy. Some follicles will be dormant; due to this, multiple treatments are sometimes recommended. These subsequent treatments will target the new hairs that grow and will disable their growth processes.

12 weeks after your first laser depilation treatment, you’ll be able to undergo follow-up treatments on those hairs that grew after your first treatment.

Dr. R. Lee Steely, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will help you get ready for laser depilation. Contact our office to make an appointment with Dr. Steely today.