The Eyelid Lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery that rejuvenates the upper and lower eyelids to reduce signs of aging. They say the eyes are the windows to out souls–but when the eyelids are sagging they obstruct one of the most vital areas of our face. We communicate a lot of unspoken things with our eyes, but when the eyelids are creased, wrinkled, sagging or puffed, we may be communicating things we really don’t want others to hear, or see, as it were. Lines, wrinkles, sagging and puffiness in the upper and lower eyelids can make us look tired and worn-out and older than we are or feel.

Eyelid Lifts can be performed on just the upper eyelids, just the lower eyelids, or on both the upper and lower eyelids. The Eyelid Lift, also called Blepharoplasty surgery, may be performed on its own or in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as a brow lift, face lift, dermal fillers, or botox. If you are interested in learning more about the eyelid lift surgery and recovery process, and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lee today.