Men and women who have undergone a dramatic weight loss often are left with a major disappointment once hitting their weight loss goals- excess sagging skin on their body. It can be a very difficult thing to face when you want to be enjoying your success at achieving something difficult, only to have this excess skin standing in the way. It is actually very common, particularly among bariatric surgery patients. This is due to the fact that often in dramatic weight loss the skin looses some of its elasticity (which also happens in general as we age) and is thus unable to conform to the newer, smaller frame. Dr. Steely has helped many men and women complete their weight loss transformation through Body Lift.

The Body Lift is a procedure which can help to contour your body by lifting and removing excess skin. A Body Lift procedure may not be the same for everyone and is catered to each patients individual needs. During your consultation with Dr. Steely he will determine your individual needs and listen to your goals. Next, together, you will come up with a plan of action to achieve the results you desire. Sometimes liposuction may be used in conjunction with a Body Lift procedure to remove remaining, stubborn pockets of fat. If you are ready to learn more about body lift procedures and how they can help you, contact our office and schedule a confidential consultation today.